Frequently Asked Questions


Why is eWilson Technology a better choice than other web design firms?

eWilson Technology specializes in small to medium businesses. We consistently provide excellent client services and a quality product. Because of our willingness to often go above and beyond what you expect from us, eWilson Technology will soon become your provider of choice.

I don't know much about the Internet, how do I know what I need?

During our initial interview we will ask you questions pertaining to your business. Once we get a feel for what you're about, we will then guide you to the least expensive means of obtaining a website for your business.

How much will it cost to get my small business on the web?

How much it will cost you depends on a lot of factors. We understand that some people don't know much about the Internet, and we try to educate you from the beginning. Afterwards, we'll contact you via phone or email with an exact estimate based on conversations with you.

Does eWilson Technology offer consulting only?

Absolutely! Already have a website but just want some help tweaking it? Or just need some advice about something? eWilson Technology is available for an affordable hourly rate for your website design, and developing.

What happens when my website is up? Am I on my own?

Once we "publish" your website to the Internet, you have several options; including using eWilson Technology to "manage" your site, update it periodically, and more. Whatever you decide, we'll still be around long after your site goes live.

What happens if I change my mind and want to back out?

If you notify us in writing (email is fine), we'll stop working. You will then be billed at our current hourly rate for the work done to that point, including consultations and the initial design and that will be deducted from your deposit. If the work already done exceeds the amount of the initial deposit, we will then invoice you for the balance.

I want to sell products from my website and accept credit cards but I really don't want the expense of having a shopping cart or merchant account. Is this possible?

Absolutely, there are several options available to you and we'll be happy to discuss those with you during your initial consultation.

NOTE: For all government contract work the contract is the official document controlling the project and supersedes any and all other implied statements.


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